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Strovis 20th-anniversary event postponed following deaths of close family friends McRoy and Jo Skipper

August 30, 2018 at 6:14 pm

By Mark A. Stevens
Chief Marketing Officer

Following the tragic deaths of H. McRoy and Jo Skipper, who were close friends with family ties to members of Strovis’ senior-management team, a celebration of Strovis’ 20th anniversary will be postponed from Thursday, Sept. 6, until a later date.

“Our hearts are broken at the loss of McRoy and Jo,” said Strovis Holdings President Tony Jordan. “Our focus and our prayers at this time must be with the family.”

The Skippers died in a car accident in North Carolina Aug. 29.

Jordan’s youngest daughter, Melody, is married to Steven Skipper, the youngest son of McRoy and Jo.

In addition to family ties and a friendship that spanned decades, Jordan served on the Tidelands Health board of trustees with McRoy Skipper, who was the health system’s longtime board chairman.

The Skippers were beloved advocates for their community and their church.

The Sept. 6 event was to mark Strovis’ 20th anniversary and was to double as a Georgetown County Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours event. The event will be rescheduled for later this year, said Strovis CEO Jenna Jordan.

The Chamber of Commerce issued a statement Aug. 30 saying, “It is with tremendous sorrow that we learned of the tragic loss of Jo and H. McRoy Skipper Jr. … We have lost tremendous leaders in our community and great friends to our Chamber. Our prayers are with the Skippers’ family, friends, and colleagues at this difficult time.”

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