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Arrrgh, mateys! Pirate Adventures honored as Chamber Business of the Month, sponsored by Strovis

July 2, 2018 at 2:30 pm

Pirate Adventure staff members join Chamber of Commerce members and Strovis Chief Operating Officer Tracy Mau and Chief Marketing Officer Mark A. Stevens for the award presentation. (Photo by Laura Mueller)

By Mark A. Stevens
Chief Marketing Officer

Yo-ho-ho! It was a pirate’s life for Strovis and the Georgetown County Chamber of Commerce on the morning of June 29, as staff members dropped by Pirate Adventures.

The Murrells Inlet interactive tourist attraction was named the Chamber’s Business of the Month for July 2018. Strovis serves as the official corporate sponsor for the award.

Pirate Adventures is a place where children come to experience the magic of sailing away in search of sunken treasure. Children – of all ages, really! – set sail on a pirate ship and get caught up in this real-life adventure. Once aboard, young pirates learn the rules at sea aboard the Sea Gypsy and use a treasure map to find sunken treasure. As the crew searches for clues, they discover that Pirate Pete, the smelliest, most rotten, pirate on the Seven Seas, is lurking nearby, and he has something the brave crew needs. Off they go into battle with Pirate Adventures’ famous water cannons!

The Business of the Month Award honors Chamber-member businesses for being leaders in the business community, and Strovis is proud to serve as the official corporate sponsor. A special banner is provided for each honored business that remains at the business throughout the month.

Water cannons from the Sea Gypsy and its brave crew prevent a boarding by Pirate Pete, the smelliest, most rotten, pirate on the Seven Seas. (Photo taken from the Pirate Adventures website)

Strovis Holdings Chief Operating Officer Tracy Mau attended Friday’s presentation and thanked the staff at Pirate Adventures for its dedication in making the tourism industry in Georgetown County something extra special.

“Tourism is such a big component of our economy here in Georgetown County,” Mau said. “Our beaches, our waterways and our beautiful coastal region bring visitors from all over the world. Pirate Adventures is a great business that gives children of all ages a fun time and lifelong memories.”

In addition to the pirate adventures specifically geared to children, Pirate Adventures also offers private excursions aboard the Sea Gypsy.

For more information about this Chamber-honored business, call 843-839-4665.

Sign up for cruise at the Pirate Adventures hut located right in front of the Dead Dog Saloon in Murrells Inlet. (Photo by Mark A. Stevens)



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