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Links, information for you ahead of predicted flooding in Georgetown County

September 21, 2018 at 4:09 pm

Parts of Georgetown County could be hit with unprecedented flooding over the next few days as the result of the deluge of rain from Hurricane Florence.

Heavy rains have caused flooding throughout South Carolina and now that rain is moving downstream and into the waterways in Georgetown and Horry counties. The anticipated flooding could reach these coastal areas by early next week, according to local officials.

The Georgetown Chamber of Commerce released this statement: “The current models provided by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources show significant impact along the Waccamaw Neck and into the City of Georgetown.  Thousands of area residents may need to evacuate their homes and will be searching for lodging possibly as early as this weekend. It is our hope that our residents who need to do so will evacuate locally to minimize the disruption to our community. It is certainly time for us to pull together as a community and offer support to our friends and neighbors in their time of need.”

The following is some information pulled together by the Chamber to assist homeowners and businesses:


The City will have public distribution of sandbags Friday, Sept. 20, starting at 9 a.m. at Old City Hall, 120 N. Fraser St., and Eagle Electric, 2928 S. Fraser St. Sandbags are limited to 10 per household. Sandbags will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have sandbags you did not use during the hurricane and would like to contribute those, please deliver those to the sites listed above.

ROOMS NEEDED FOR EVACUEES – If your lodging facility can offer discounted rates to evacuees, please complete the attached form and email the information to so we can pass this information along to those needing a place to stay.  You can also access the form by clicking on the link below.


HURRICANE FLORENCE DELAYS SOUTH CAROLINA TAX DEADLINES – A disaster declaration means businesses in eight South Carolina counties, including Georgetown County, will now have until Jan. 31, 2019, to make some of their federal filings and payments. Read More: NOTE:  This is not intended as tax advice. Please contact your tax professional for clarification.

RECEIVE EMERGENCY ALERTS – Georgetown County residents and businesses are encouraged to sign up to receive emergency information (such as boil water notifications and other vital information for their area) through the CodeRED notification system. Choose to receive information via phone, text message or e-mail.

Sign up for emergency alerts

STAY INFORMED – Please be sure you are receiving information and news from credible sources and, when in doubt, always refer to the Georgetown County website or Georgetown County Emergency Management Facebook page.

A copy of the flood approximation map may be found on the Georgetown County website at A word of caution from SCDNR:  The map represents broad-scale approximation of flooding only. Residents of flood-affected areas should NOT rely on this mapping tool to make personal evacuation or property preparation decisions. SCDNR says peak flooding could be greater or lesser than what is represented on the map, and it is absolutely NOT a real time reflection of current flooding.


Georgetown County Information Hotline (for the latest emergency information):
(843) 545-3900, available 24 hours a day when the county’s Emergency Operations Center is activated.

Georgetown County Emergency Management:
(843) 545-3273

S.C. Department of Transportation Information:
(888) 877-9151 Toll Free

Shelter Information:
(866) 246-0133 Toll Free

For travel to and from Georgetown County, please refer to the SC Department of Transportation map found at

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Strovis clients with damage due to Hurricane Florence can start claims process now

September 16, 2018 at 8:43 pm

Taking photos of damage to your property is important when filing an insurance claim.

Over the past few days, Hurricane Florence brought devastation to the Carolinas, and now, as people return to their homes, it’s time to take stock of any damage and, if needed, to start your insurance claim.

There are two options to file claims, contact your insurance company directly if you have the claims telephone number available, which is the most efficiently way to begin your claims process,  or you may contact Strovis directly.

What’s most important is to start the claims process. But, Strovis Insurance President Allen Altman said, it’s important that your claim is full and complete when submitted. Filing incomplete claims can delay the process, he said, so it’s imperative to file as quickly but as completely as possible the first time around.

Strovis Insurance is an independent, multiline agency dedicated to protecting individuals, families and businesses throughout the Southeast. The company offers friendly, professional service and, most of all, keeps clients’ needs as its number-one priority. As an independent agency, Strovis represents dozens of nationally known companies, which enables Strovis to provide the best value to customers.

If you have a policy claim due to Hurricane Florence, Altman recommends the following:

• First, be safe. Even though the storm may be over, please be cautious outside. Downed power lines can still be live. There can be broken glass and metal in unexpected places. And never walk through standing water.

• If you are able to safely survey your property, it’s important to take photos of any damage. If there is standing water around and inside your home/property, take photos to provide your insurance agent. This will help clearly document where and how high the water was for claim adjusters. If you took photos before the storm, those photos also will be very important, so be sure to include the before-and-after photos.

• Make a detailed list of any damage. Hopefully, you have a list of when items were purchased. If so, be sure to include as much detail as possible. If you have serial numbers, date/place of purchase, original price and the manufacturer’s name, these will be very important.

• If you must remove damaged items, do so carefully. We realize that some items need to be removed for health and comfort reasons, but please remove those items safely. And it’s very important to take photos and notes to document the original damage.

• Wait to do major repairs. If possible, major repairs should not be started until any settlement has been approved.

• Keep in contact. After you’ve filed your claim, Strovis encourages you to keep in contact with us. Our team members will be doing the same, but we want you to feel comfortable in contacting us with any concerns or follow-up questions.

“We will be here for our clients,” Altman said. “This is a two-way street. We depend on clients to help us file accurate claims, and we know our clients depend on us to get the claims properly filed.”

After a natural disaster, it can take longer than normal for claims to be completed. This, Altman said, is simply because of the large number of claims that may have to be processed after a storm such as Florence.

“We want people to know that we will work as swiftly as possible,” Altman said, “but please understand if the process takes longer than normal. We promise that it will be all hands on deck here at Strovis to better serve you in this time of need.”

To file a claim, visit our Strovis Insurance office in Georgetown at 1309 Highmarket St., our office in Murrells Inlet at 9898 Merry Lane, Unit 1001, or our office in Summerville at 310A N. Gum St. Our offices will be open from 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Here are local phone numbers to reach our Strovis offices:

• Georgetown: 1-843-436-2106

• Murrells Inlet: 1-843-651-4114.

• Summerville: 1-843-821-1009.

You may also call our toll-free line at 1-855-294-3788.

You can also go to our website for more information at

Altman said the Strovis team will work diligently to make sure clients’ needs are met in a professional manner. “We understand the difficulties you may be facing,” he said, “and we are dedicated to getting you the help you need as quickly as possible.”


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